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How Internet website architecture upgraded by changes in programming languages

Just Now, the Internet is developing rapidly, and presently various programming languages ​​are repeatedly appearing. More and more Internet entrepreneurial teams choose these languages ​​with high development efficiency, such as Ruby, PHP, .Net, etc., and Java, which seems to be a cumbersome language, seems to be on the Internet The field is getting more and more lonely.

How Programming Languages Change Era

However, with the development of the company, especially when there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of developers, it will be a nightmare for so many people to maintain a project, and splitting is inevitable.

At this time, it is time to go back and re-examine the initially selected language and system architecture to see if this language can cope with large-team system operations, whether there is a mature large-scale distributed solution, and whether it will even affect the company’s stock price after listing. So the architecture upgrade started.

There are three types of architecture upgrades, one is to upgrade the original language, the other is to continue to use the old language in the frontend, and the backend to move to a more standardized language that is more suitable for large teams, and has more mature solution cases.

Like Java, there’s also a complete shift of all systems to a certain language. As for which strategy to adopt, each company will make trade-offs based on input and output. This is not to discuss which plan is the better, there is no best and Better, only the most suitable. But no matter which language is used, business splits are inevitable.

How architecture upgrades change everything in Coding Era

Let’s discuss the architecture upgrade first from the programming language aspect. Because of the Java community here, the new language to be turned into is designated as Java. actually, many companies have in fact turned to Java.

At present, there should be not many companies that use Ruby to develop bottlenecks, but there should be some medium-sized companies that use PHP and .Net as early-stage development languages ​​and encounter bottlenecks in the mid-term and are seeking breakthroughs.

Some of these companies are further bundled with relatively closed languages ​​(such as .net) to implement a distributed architecture based on the old language; some front-end Web parts still use the old language, and the back-end core business is extracted using Java Language implementation while introducing Java basic framework and middleware to do the underlying supporting technology; while the other part is completely reversed to the Java system.

Advantages and Disadvantages

These 3’s methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no technical problem in switching large and medium-sized systems to Java systems.

After all, there are many mature solutions that have been proven to be feasible many times in large companies, and there are also a large number of open source components. to support.

The biggest problem with the language change comes from people, a group of old developers who have worked hard to build the website little by little, seeing that their labor achievements have been recognized by users, and the company is about to go public and will reap the fruits themselves.

personnel, they have deep feelings for this system and have great interests, abandoning the old language, that is, abandoning the fruits of their labor, also blocking their future in this company, and even affecting their immediate benefit obtained. At this time, there are only two paths in front of them.

One is to leave, but after so many years of hard work, umm it is about to go public. At this time, they must be unwilling to leave; the other is to switch to Java but in the face of a large number of airborne What are the advantages of the high-end talents in Java?

Maybe you will say business, yes, business, they should have two advantages of technology and business, but now they have become one, and this advantage has become the weight of the game, turning left can be combined The advantages of Java’s technology take the company to the next level, but turning right can prevent Java technology from realizing the company’s business, make the business migration fail, and force the company to take the old language development path again so that it can reinvent itself. Gain both technical and business advantages.

In fact, most people in most transformed companies will embark on the road of resisting the new language. This is not how bad these people are, but it is human nature and their interests. Every time a project is successfully migrated with Java, it is equivalent to burying a piece of other people’s achievements, blocking a piece of other people’s interests, and everyone will have resistance.

At this time, it depends on how the company compensates these people, offers options for promotion and salary increases, or makes the company’s business develop faster. The development of new businesses can alleviate the sense of loss of old employees.

Technical Strategy

At this time, the company usually adopts the above three strategies. If the company has accumulated a large number of technical and high-end talents and is more confident in upgrading the structure in the old language, then the company will generally adopt this strategy. The safest way–remodeling the architecture on the basis of the old language.

If you don’t have much confidence in the large-scale distributed architecture upgrade of the old language, but you are afraid that the old developers will cause great resistance, and you don’t have much confidence in the Java language, you will not change the front-end business and start from the last.

The end of the transformation begins, such as introducing some Java middleware products, extracting some stable core applications to implement in Java, and later on whether to change all systems to Java language or use two languages ​​for the front and back ends.


The last one is that because the company has no accumulation of basic technology, and does not have much confidence in the future of the old language or feels that it will affect the future development of the company, the company will make great determination to carry out the language transformation to the end, and inform the company later Development has laid a good foundation.

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